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Video Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of dance do you take?

We'd like to focus on Hip Hop and Contemporary, but are open to all forms of dance.


What are you looking for in a choreographer?

We are looking to promote the best the Bay Area has to offer. We are more likely to accept your application if you have a clear concept of your video, if your movement tells a story and is creative/dynamic, if you apply with a video submission (either past concept videos or your choreography), and if you're easy to work with.


I have multiple ideas for a video. Should I send all of them or just one at a time?

Send all of them! Sometimes concepts are more than we can handle (i.e. locations are challenging, we don't have the equipment to do what you want, the editing has FX), or we'd prefer one concept over the other. Having multiple ideas could help your chances of being invited to do a residency.


I don't have a clear concept of a video I'd like to shoot, but I still want to apply. Should I?

You can, but to do a video without a concept, we are expecting the highest level of choreographer and dancers to participate.


Why was my application denied?

There are many reasons why we might not accept an application. It could be as simple as the fact that we are booked (we can only handle one residency at a time right now), or that your concept does not coincide with our values or our brand.

I want to apply. Where do I do that?

You can do that here! Fill out the form below!

Success! Message received.

Who will be the videographer and editor of the video? How much input will I have on the end result?

Onyx staff will be doing videography, photography, and editing. As the choreographer, making your vision come alive is very important to us. While participating in this residency, you'll be collaborating with our staff on the production portion. Our staff will have the final say on the end product, but your input will be valued during the post production portion.


I want costumes and specific locations. Will Onyx be giving me a budget for this?

No, Onyx is unable to provide a budget for these items at this time. We are not expecting you to purchase costumes or rent out locations (unless you want to). We would like dancers to use clothing they own, and we want to record at locations we can use for free. If Onyx owns wardrobe or has access to locations, then we are happy to use them!


What level of dancers should be cast in the video?

We are expecting to have professional level dancers in these videos.


Will Onyx have any say in who I cast?

Since we are collaborating we would love to discuss casting with you.

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